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shinra_library's Journal

The Sixty-Secondth Floor ShinRa Library
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Welcome to the ShinRa Library
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   This is the new and improved ShinRa Library. We've combined (somewhat secretly) with the underground corporation called ShinRa Underground to bring you the best repository for all things ShinRa and their many endeavours. While you do not have to join the Library to enjoy aspects most people cannot, the ShinRa Library prints many subjects in a locked status and you must be a member to view them. Please use the many links to the left to navigate for any such desire to join, or the many open articles we have available for non-members.

Please be aware there are some rules not listed and shall be observed throughout the member's time joined with the Library.
    → No member shall give out their Library card, account number, or ANY information that is of CONFIDENTIAL status to non-members. Doing so results in instant removal, and possible ban.
    → Please act cordially when querying or mingling with other members, and with people who seek information regardless of whether it is foolish or can be easily found elsewhere.
    → On the subject of authoring, please be intelligent and well-versed in your topic. If you prove you cannot fulfil these duties, you may be removed without prior notice.
    → Give us ideas! How are we doing? What would you like to see? Remember, we are here to record all things ShinRa. If you would like to see any changes, please leave a ticket in the public forum.
    → And of course, please enjoy yourself!
Should you need to reach any writer or the owner, please use the private messaging system. Please contact writers only if they request it (which is listed in the memberlist). If they do not want to be messaged, ONLY message the owner.
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