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UN 2814

Membership and Card Disbursement


With the addition of the partnership of the ShinRa Underground, the ShinRa Library, maintained by the upstanding Mayor Domino in working agreement with The Mole, must now restrict access to a portion of its records. As most are of the ShinRa Underground, you may still leisurely (and legally) view the public records by ShinRa, Inc. without the need to become a Library member. However, should your passion for knowledge be great, and if you have any spare information and would care to become a Library author, then this is where you will need to apply. For current members, check the memberlist.

If you would like to apply for library membership, please fill out the following form:

If you would like to apply for author status, please fill out the first form, as well as this form:

As with this new membership process, joining is now a pending-per deal. You may now watch the Library for many new articles to come out, but you will be unable to access any of the confidential articles without applying for at least the first type of membership.

To keep things nice and neat, please delete all the (messages in parentheses) — they are just there to specify. Also, if you are new and also want to apply for author positions, please include both forms into the same post. Thank you.
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