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01.03A Variations

The variations between the methods and the clones leaves a lot of room for questions, but thus far, the ShinRa Underground has attempted to catalog what it can.

In vivo and in vitro creations leave little differences. Most of what is known is that in vitro simulation causes clones to change with the JENOVAn qualities sooner than the in vivo clones. However, the in vivo clones tend to start off stronger and a bit healthier than both in vitro and artificial clones.

The in-body clones tend to be early in birth and cause the host mother more pain. They often take normally to development but suffer from illness before fully formed like any other human child. The out-body clones tend to be on time or even late in birth and cause the host mother more pain. They take well to development, and suffer from slightly less illnesses than in-body clones. In-body clones are, as more show, the weakest of all types of clones.

Artificial clones grow at a heightened rate during "gestation" and can be timed to be "born" as it is a simple matter of moving the clone. Shorter times show a growth in intelligence and a lack in size. Longer times show a growth in strength and a lack in cognition. They change not faster but smoother, as the changes come in steady waves rather than the sporadic spurts that comes with in-body clones and out-body clones. The artificial clones are average at development, but there has been DNA additives that have adjusted this. This, however, is not common, as it can sometimes offset the JENOVA cells and the transformations sometimes ruined or only partial.

The group clones have the aforementioned traits, plus the group traits listed in the group clone results.
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