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01.02B Group clone creation

Group clone creation can take the form of any other clone creation as long as it is done in groups. Candidates of host mothers must have a family history of twins, triplets, etc., or the clones used with artificial cloning must have the same two donors and must have produced a large supply of donations.

It's rare that a host mother can help with group study; most of the ShinRa Underground's group clone data is based off the artificial clones.

The group must be gestated within the same time, no later than a few hours. Otherwise, the group isn't as solid to produce the group creation results. The injections must be the same amount given at the same time - sometimes multiple staff can help in this situation. When they are eight months, they are moved to a cluster of tubal vats to heighten group-rate growth. If grown just right, with everything timed near perfect, the group will display different results than single clones.
Tags: clone creation and study

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